Angelique has always loved music and has always wanted to share her musical knowledge, Angelique started tutoring guitar to people with special needs in Perth. In 2014 she began tutoring guitar to high school students in Bunbury, then opened up a music business from home. She has taught well over 300 guitar and ukulele students including beginners piano, flute, harmonica, and drums. She runs yearly workshops for Bunbury Summer School at the Stirling St Art Centre and will continue to share everything thing she knows musically to her students to make sure they reach their goals.


Jess' passion for music began around the age of six when he first began learning drums. since then jess has had multiple teachers at a music school and in primary school, in high school jess lost his focus in music for his general schooling but later found his way back to music and since then has put his heart into sharing his love for music, now teaching and guiding his students towards success. Since jess started teaching he has taken to all instruments learning all sorts of musical pieces and will continue to do so to improve his own playing and teaching skills.



Jonah’s love for music began around the age of 10 and has been a big part of his life ever since. In primary school he spent a few years learning the trumpet, before picking up the guitar in high school where he found his passion. Jonah spent a lot of time in school not only learning the guitar, but teaching his peers too. He continued his music study by completing certificates 3 and 4 in music, then began tutoring shortly after. He started off listening to Heavy metal, but these days he listens to a lot of different genres from Jazz and Classical, to Hip Hop and Electronic music. He's been teaching for 5 years now and continues to explore his own studies to not only improve his own skills, but to help his students become the musician they want to be. Jonah is very passionate about helping others and is always keen to help anyone he can improve their music skills.


Dokota (Kodi) teaches ukulele and singing. Kodi has been singing since the moment she could talk and hasn’t stopped since. She’s been in many competitions and placed almost every time. Kodi has also been playing ukulele for about 2 years now. With that interest later sparking a creative fire Kodi now writes and performs her own music all around the South West. Kodi takes passion into sharing her musical talent with all her students and improving their skills in every possible way.